Thursday, April 8, 2010

Email is a critical application for businesses both large and small.

Customers, potential customers and vendors alike increasingly rely on email as a means to communicate with you.  Your email “solution” needs to fit your needs, your budget and it must be reliable.  Another consideration is how does your email address affect your “brand”?

Here are some thoughts:

There are several reliable and affordable email solutions for small businesses.  Let’s look at a few of the more popular ones:

First, there are on-site, on-premise solutions such as Microsoft Exchange Server or Microsoft Small Business Server.   Both of these solutions are full-featured, excellent products but require a fairly large amount of professional care, so are somewhat costly in terms of overhead.  You will need an Information Technology (IT) professional (like your local Geeks On Call franchisee!!) to routinely attend to the Exchange server.  As a payoff, however, you get one of the most extensible and flexible collaboration tools (not just email) available to small businesses.  Microsoft Exchange is definitely worth a look!  In my Geeks On Call franchise, we usually ask our customers to indulge us by walking through a process to justify the business need.  We want to make sure they are not spending more than necessary to meet their needs.  We've installed many Exchange and Small Business Servers over the years.  Many of those customers use Microsoft Exchange to its fullest extent and can easily justify the additional overhead.

A second option on the list, and one gaining a great deal of traction lately, is email that is hosted “in the cloud”.   The term “in the cloud” simply means that the computer actually doing the work is in an internet based data center, or more likely spread across several.  You connect to it over the internet as if it were really on-site (simple enough…right?)  I personally think this option will gain a strong foothold within the small business community in the next few months/years.  One great example of cloud computing is the fairly new Google Apps offering.  Google’s cloud-based services include huge mailbox storage and the ability to share calendars and documents.  Several of our customers elect to go this route.  Most of the “in the cloud” service providers like Google have developed migration tools that make the transition to the cloud quick and efficient.   If you have not looked at the “cloud” option, I would encourage you to at least keep it in the back of your mind for the future.  By the way, Microsoft’s cloud computing offering has hit the market recently and it looks as if they are here to compete!  We (Geeks On Call) can help you understand this option better should you need further information.

The third option is to host your email with various email providers that cannot be considered  real “cloud” platforms.  Their offering is usually limited to very basic email without any of the collaborative add-ons you find in the true “cloud” offerings.   Typically, email storage limits are quite small by comparison.  These email service providers are, at least in my opinion, quickly losing ground to the competitors in options one and two above.

The last thing to consider (but perhaps the most important) is the effect of your email address on your “brand”.  If your email address is something like then perhaps you are not representing your business in the best possible light.  Using an email domain (the part of the email address after @) other than one owned by your business lacks a degree of professionalism that you can easily obtain.  It was OK in the 1990’s to use any old email domain, but today it just doesn’t appear professional, even for the smallest of businesses.  In addition, you are missing an opportunity to market your business with every email you send.  If you already own your own domain name (like then we can set you up with professionally branded email addresses in practically no time at all.  If you don’t have a domain name yet, then it will take us only slightly longer.  Bottom line: if you don’t have your own domain name then it is time you get one and put it to use.

We at Geeks On Call in Charleston, SC work with our customers each day sorting out the intricacies of email and the internet.  You can find us at or by calling 1 800 905 GEEK (4335).

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