Sunday, June 27, 2010

Parent's Guide to Internet Safety

Are you a parent?  If so are you aware of the many dangers children face on the internet?  Have you ever heard the term "cyber-bullying"?  Are you pretty convinced that your children are constantly exposed to, and will continue to live in a world where communication with anyone and information about anything is literally at the tips of your fingers?  If these questions concern you then you need the Geeks On Call Parent's Guide to Internet Safety.  It's free and a reference no parent should be without.  I am convinced it will answer many of your questions and perhaps even open your eyes for the first time to some important issues.  You can download a free copy of the guide from Geeks On Call by clicking on this link - Geeks On Call Parent's Guide to Internet Safety.   Or visit the following URL -

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Google Apps a Winner for Small Business

On the whole it appears that Google Apps will win the hearts and minds of small businesses.  "Out of the box", Google Apps is much simpler to use, easier to implement and less costly when compared to Microsoft's Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS).  The biggie in the previous sentence is the "much simpler to use" proclamation. With Google Apps, end users can use Google Docs either as a full suite of productivity software (at least word processing, spreadsheets and presentations) or as an "in the cloud" storage location for any document in its native file format - all in a familiar, intuitive interface.  Microsoft SharePoint, hosted or not, is still not as friendly for the end user (read that as - small business owner and staff) without the help of outside expertise. Google Apps users, at least in the small business environment, just get up and running much quicker with Google Apps.  At our Geeks On Call franchise in Charleston, SC we have recently added Google Apps Authorized Reseller to our shingle for the reasons cited above (and others). You can find us at or by calling 1-800-905-GEEK