Sunday, November 7, 2010

Building the Simple Enterprise

Aaron Levie, CEO of in his post Building the Simple Enterprise provides an interesting assessment of the state of current enterprise software solutions. He describes how software vendors tend to build in an unnecessarily high level of complexity in their products by trying to meet every possible need or circumstance. As a result, the software vendor can claim that their product can do many, many things with its many. many features but at what cost - a higher than necessary level of complexity.

For small businesses a higher than necessary level of complexity means lack of productivity and, usually, high cost - both unacceptable to a small business getting by on small profit margins. Small businesses need simplicity in their IT infrastructure. The "cloud" business productivity suites now available and affordable to small businesses meet this need for simplicity. These suites meet the need by reducing the complexity of backup strategies, simplifying document sharing and increasing the ability for workers to collaborate. In addition, those businesses who embrace the use of online applications like Google Docs, Office Web Apps, Quickbooks Online, Netsuite...etc., will greatly reduce the complexity of software licensing and deployment.

In the small business arena, simplicity will win out! In the simplicity "department" Google Apps currently has the business productivity suite market cornered.

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