Saturday, December 11, 2010

Chrome Notebooks for Small Business

A few posts back (A Pure Cloud for Small Business? How would that look?), I commented about how a small business might embrace "cloud" technology, move data and apps to the cloud, and then use cloud connected devices to greatly simplify their IT infrastructure - saving money and time (aren't they the same for most small businesses?). The following video provides a brief, but striking, demonstration on how that whole process might look, especially with regard to time savings. Take a peek:

So, if putting an end user to work (or back to work if your netbook is damaged by ice cream) is as simple as providing a new Chrome Notebook for access to your Google Apps account, does this spell the end of IT departments, outsourced support providers and system administrators? I don't think so. Does the Chrome OS/cloud computing model foretell a change in the way small business information technology is "done"? You bet it does! We in the IT support community must embrace the new methods and technology exposed by a pure cloud computing model. We must get to know how our customers use IT to do their business and help them find the right tools and methods to enable them to compete. And that's an ongoing, constantly evolving process! It is an interesting and exciting challenge for us small business IT service providers.

Is your IT service provider talking to you about ways to move your business processes to the cloud? Visit our website at for information. We are talking about the cloud (and beyond!) to our small business customers.

Our Geeks On Call franchise in Charleston, SC is a Google Apps Authorized Reseller. We see our job in this new information technology support "climate" as helpers in moving our small and medium sized businesses to the cloud.

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