Monday, May 28, 2018

New Hangouts Meet Features -- Worth a Blog Post!

Every now and then (quite often really) Google adds a game changing feature to G Suite. Recently, Google announced Hangouts Meet for their Basic and Business customers would now provide a dial-in number for all Meetings. G Suite Enterprise customers already had this feature.
This development makes Hangouts Meet a viable competitor to just about every other video/teleconferencing provider on the planet! But, what makes this even more amazing is that it's now included in every version of G Suite at no
additional cost AND integration with other G Suite products is built-in.

More recently, Google added a dial-out functionality to Hangouts Meet. Now if you decide mid-meeting that another person’s participation is required -- call them! Right from within the Hangouts Meet interface.

Now just schedule a meeting in Google Calendar and choose to “Add conferencing” as an option. A Hangouts Meet meeting will be automatically provisioned and all invitees will be provided a link to the online Hangout AND a “dial-in” telephone number. This special "dial-in" telephone number will be good for your meeting only. Or, start a new Meeting at any time at while you're signed into your G Suite account. This new feature provides an option for invitees to attend even when they can’t use the Hangouts Meet online tools for whatever reason. Hangouts Meet is suddenly a direct competitor to products such as GoToMeeting AND its included with your existing G Suite subscription at no additional cost!

The official announcement is at this post - G Suite Basic and Business customers can now create Hangouts Meet meetings with dial-in phone numbers

Detailed instructions for using Hangouts Meet can be found in the ​G Suite Learning Center

This is a huge development! Google is constantly adding functionality to the G Suite​ suite of applications. If you want to take your G Suite subscription to the next level let me know. We have training and consulting options that meet every need. If your business is not using G Suite you owe it to yourself (and your employees) to take a close look.

SC-Geeks.Com is a Google Cloud Partner specializing in the deployment, training and integration of G Suite for small businesses.

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